3 questions to ensure the precision of your analyses

Certificates for volumetric instruments

How sure are you about the volume mentioned on the instruments?

BRAND volumetric instruments are supplied with individual serialized certificates for each instrument or one batch certificate per packing unit. The measured value is clearly stated on the certificate.This facilitates the initial performance verification as the data can directly be transferred from the certificate, with a fourth decimal accuracy.

Do you know the quality level specified by the manufacturer?

BRAND does not only comply to the error limits of the applicable standards such as Class A/AS or USP, but gives you the additional assurance of a defined Accepted Quality Level AQL ≤ 0.4. This defined AQL shows the high accuracy we achieve with our manufacturing technology.

How consistent is the level of accuracy and precision from batch to batch of volumetric instruments?

Volumetric instruments from BRAND are individually calibrated on automatic manufacturing lines in Germany. Automated calibration means maximum reproducibility and minimum variation from unit
to unit delivered to you. The BRAND certificate shows the small standard deviation as proof of the high reproducibility.

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