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BLAUBRAND® - Class ‘A’ Volumetric Instruments

Volumetric instruments from BRAND in India

Are you sure of the accuracy and precision of the volumetric instruments for your analysis?

Three simple questions about volumetric measurement may provide new insights.

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Dispensette® S - The New Generation!

Dispensette® S

Innovative ideas combined with trusted Technology! The new bottle-top dispenser Dispensette® S has all the features that make dispensing safer and convenient.

Dispensette® S, suitable for an amazingly broad range of applications, particularly for many acids, saline solutions and organic solvents.
Dispensette® S Organic, ideal for dispensing of organic solvents and acids.
Dispensette® S Trace Analysis, specialized for dispensing high-purity acids, bases and H2O2. Also suitable for dispensing of hydrofluoric acid when using platinum-iridium valve spring.

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Consistently high Quality - New packaging options

Pipette tips and filter tips are the most frequently used disposables in the laboratory. As processing methods have become increasingly sensitive, the requirements for these disposable items have changed significantly over the years. Starting with the raw materials, here PP, to the tools used and the quality tests carried out, a lot of parameters need to be considered to meet the highest standards both in research and standardized applications.

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