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We are part of the Brand Group and represent BRAND GMBH + CO KG and VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG, two well-known German companies for laboratory equipment and consumables. Our mission is providing high quality German products and premium services to lab professional in India. Whether for Liquid Handling products, classic volumetric instruments in both glass and plastic or a laboratory vacuum pump, you can find any information you want here.

Liquid Handling and Life Science

Simple, easy, and efficient - that´s how lab work should be. BRAND products do their part to achieve this goal.

Technology for vacuum systems

VACUUBRAND offers the most comprehensive range of vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges and controllers for rough and fine vacuum for laboratory use.

Our products for Liquid Handling and Life Sciences

The pipetting robot liquid handling station closes the gap between manual pipettes and large-scale equipment
Seal-R-film™ sealing film protects against evaporation, leakage, and contamination.
PCR plates, microcentrifuge tubes, microplates, cuvettes, and more
Liquid handling products for your applications

Selection of BRAND products

Transferpette® S, 20-200 µl, adjustable volume, D-200, DE-M

The Transferpette® S air displacement pipette allows you to work efficiently and ergonomically with both small and large volumes. Low operating forces and a short stroke ensure relaxed pipetting, even during long pipetting series. Due to its perfect ergonomics, the Transferpette® S provides a comfortable grip in any hand position, whether you are right- or left-handed, or have big or small hands. Changing your grip is not necessary, since the microliter pipette provides true one-hand operation: set the volume, pipette, eject the tip.The volume-change protection is also easy to operate with gloves on and protects your set volume against accidental adjustment. The Transferpette® S also features Easy Calibration technology, which makes calibration a breeze. Calibration can be carried out without tools. A compatibility table shows which tips fit which device, so that you always order the correct pipette tips.Limitations of use: Operating temperature of instrument and reagent should be between +15 °C and +40 °C (59 °F to 104 °F) (other temperatures upon request) Vapor pressure up to 500 mbar Viscosity: 260 mPa s For viscous media, the speed must be adjusted if necessary.

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HandyStep® touch S, DE-M, inclusive universal AC adapter and shelf/rack mount

Repetitive pipettes are the first choice when it comes to efficient dispensing of long series. Positive displacement pipettes are often the right solution for pipetting viscous media. The new stepper HandyStep® touch from BRAND combines both features. With the touchscreen display, you conveniently swipe back and forth between functions and always have an overview of the essential information on your work steps. Operation is easy, even with protective gloves on. And speaking of easy, the days of manually changing tips are over. On the HandyStep® touch, lightly tapping on the Eject icon on the display is enough to eject the tip. The HandyStep® touch repetitive pipette automatically recognizes the volume of the new BRAND PD- Tips II. This saves time and reduces the risk of error. Tips from many other manufacturers can also be used, providing maximum flexibility. Charging is easy and efficient: simply place the HandyStep® touch in the inductive charging stand and the battery automatically starts charging. Overview - Touchscreen operation with intuitive menu navigation in English, German, Spanish, French and Chinese - HandyStep® touch with the features multi-dispensing, auto-dispensing and pipetting; HandyStep® touch S with the additional features sequential dispensing, multi-aspiration and titration - Automatic size detection of BRAND PD-Tips II - Compatible with PD-Tips prior to the PD-Tips II generation and with tips from many other manufacturers: for example, Encode™ tips, Repet-Tips®, Combitips®, Combitips® plus, Combitips® advanced (the above-mentioned brands are property of their respective owners) - Automatic tip ejection - Variable volume adjustment from 1.0 μl to 50 ml - Easy to clean thanks to smooth surface without grooves and edges - Inductively rechargeable Limitations of use: Operating temperature of instrument and reagent should be between +15 °C and +40 °C (59 °F to 104 °F) (other temperatures upon request) Vapor pressure up to 500 mbar Viscosity: At 50 ml PD-Tip: 20 mPa s; at 5 ml PD-Tip: 260 mPa s; at 1,25 ml PD-Tip: 977 mPa

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Dispensette® S, Digital, DE-M, 0.1-1ml, without recirculation valve

Whether you are dispensing solvents, acids, alkalis or saline solutions – the Dispensette® S bottle-top dispenser makes it easy, safe and efficient.With both the Dispensette® S and Dispensette® S Organic, you will always have the right dispenser at hand for a wide range of media. For efficient volume adjustment, you can choose between digital and analog adjustment, or fixed volume. Do you dispense long series, sterile applications or moisture-sensitive media? With numerous accessory options, the Dispensette® S also offers efficient solutions for special applications. Dispensette® S (red color-code): Ideal for dispensing aggressive reagents, including concentrated bases and acids such as H3PO4, H2SO4 (except e.g., HCl, HNO3 und HF), saline solutions, as well as many organic solvents. Digital design: Especially easy to read digital display. The selected dosed volume can be adjusted precisely and is easy to reproduce. Easy calibration technology for adjustment in seconds without tools. Automatic designation if factory default changed. Limitations of use: Operating temperature from +15 °C to +40 °C (from 59 °F to 104 °F) of instrument and reagent Vapor pressure up to max. 600 mbar. Aspirate slowly above 300 mbar, in order to prevent the liquid from boiling Kinematic viscosity up to 500 mm² /s (dynamic viscosity [mPas] = kinematic viscosity [mm² /s] x density [g/cm³) Density up to 2.2

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96-well PCR plate, non-skirted, elevated rim, transparent, PP, BIO-CERT® PCR QUALITY

For medium and high sample throughput, 96-well plates from BRAND are the efficient solution for PCR and qPCR and can be conveniently filled with multichannel pipettes or pipetting robots.The uniform and thin wall thicknesses of the wells ensure rapid transfer of the temperature from the cycler to the sample, thus reducing cycle times.A number of skirt choices ensures a good fit in common thermal cyclers for efficient heat transfer. For high flexibility, unskirted plates are the first choice. For clear identification, a barcode can be applied to semi-skirted plates. The same applies to fully-skirted plates, which are ideal for automation due to their rigidity. For qPCR, white plates are available that optimally reflect the fluorescence signals. BIO-CERT® PCR QUALITY: Free of human DNA, RNase, DNase, Pyrogens and

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Main VACUUBRAND Products

VAC 24seven - modular process vacuum system

The proven reliability of our chemistry diaphragm pumps has been combined to produce a powerful modular process vacuum system for pilot and industrial scale applications.

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VARIO chemistry pumping unit PC 3001 VARIO select

Oil-free, chemically resistant diaphragm pump with controller

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Screw pump VACUU·PURE 10C

100% oil-free, chemically resistant, and no wear parts.

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VACUU·SELECT complete controller

Complete controller benchtop device in action

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About us

BRAND Scientific Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

We are representing BRAND and VACUUBRAND, both headquartered in Germany.

As an independent family business based in Germany, BRAND has been a trusted partner and reference in the laboratory for over 70 years. With a total of about 500 employees in Germany, BRAND develops, manufactures and distributes innovative laboratory equipment of premium quality. The focus is in the areas of life sciences, chemistry, pharmaceutical and process analysis. With more than 200 employees in Germany and over 50 years of experience, VACUUBRAND manufactures the most comprehensive range of laboratory and instrumentation vacuum pumps, gauges and controllers for rough and fine vacuum. The product range comprises rotary vane pumps, oil-free diaphragm pumps, complete pumping units, flexible vacuum systems and solutions for local area networks.


From our warehouse in India, we ensure short and reliable delivery times from an inventory of products available ex-stocks. In addition, customers qualifying for Customs Duty privileges are in a position to source from our Customs Bonded Warehouse located in Bengaluru, Karnataka.




Liquid Handling, Glassware, Laboratory Disposables 

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Life Science 

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BRAND GMBH + CO KG has 70 years of experience and is headquartered in Wertheim/Germany, company has built its reputation for quality and value on premium laboratory equipment. BRAND manufactures the most comprehensive line of liquid handling products, such as Dispensette® and Transferpette® and related BRAND disposables, an extensive range for life science applications, classic volumetric ware in both glass and plastic, as well as products for the clinical laboratory and various general laboratory applications.

Over 50 years of experience, VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG manufactures the most comprehensive range of laboratory and instrumentation vacuum pumps, gauges and controllers for rough and fine vacuum. The product range comprises rotary vane pumps, oil-free diaphragm pumps, complete pumping units, flexible vacuum systems and solutions for local area networks. The range is completed by a wide choice of fittings and accessories as well as vacuum gauges and controllers for rough and fine vacuum.

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