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Buy a BRAND® Dispensette® S Bottletop Dispenser and get BRAND® Seal-R-film™ FREE

Promotional offer: Buy a BRAND® Dispensette® S Bottletop Dispenser and get Seal-R film roll free

Dispensette® S bottletop dispensers build on the 50-year history of BRAND® dispensing expertise. Continual upgrades make this the safest and most convenient ever while retaining the features making the Dispensette® the world’s favorite bottletop dispense. Whether you are dispensing solvents, acids, alkalis, or saline solutions – the Dispensette® S bottle-top dispenser makes it easy, safe and efficient.

Your advantages:

+ Minimum operating forces, maximum comfort.

+ Trusted in challenging continuous operation and with aggressive media

+ Wide range of applications for organic solvents, acids, alkalis, and saline solutions


Get a Free roll of BRAND® Seal-R-film™  when you purchase Dispensette® S bottle-top dispenser!

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, order your Dispensette® S bottle-top dispenser using the part number from our  Pricelist 2022 - 2023 or visit


BRAND® Seal-R-film™ 

for easy and efficient sealing, masking, and insulating

The sealing film can be stretched to three times its original length. This means that Seal-R-film™ always fits, even with irregular shapes. For traceability, each roll has a lot identification.


+ Protects against evaporation, leakage, and contamination

+ Easy sealing with 300% elasticity

+ Lot identification of each roll


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