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New products: microcentrifuge tube and deep-well plate

With a new microcentrifuge tube and a new deep-well plate, BRAND is expanding its product range for efficient sample handling.

The new microcentrifuge tube with 5 ml nominal volume complements the range of disposable micro tubes made of high-quality polypropylene. And for the space-saving storage of samples, BRAND offers a new deep-well plate with a 2.2 ml nominal volume per V-bottom well. Both new products are available now in our online store at!

Deep-well plate 96-well, PP, 2.2 ml, V-bottom

PP. 2 x 8 configuration, capacities 0.5 ml, 1 ml, 1.1 ml, 1.2 ml and 2.2 ml. Designed for a wide range of applications, such as High-Throughput Screening (HTS), tests requiring a mother plate, cell and…

Disposable microtubes, PP, 5 ml, BIO-CERT® PCR Quality

The disposable microtubes with 5 ml nominal volume are made from high-quality PP. . The…

More about PCR

PRC offers outstanding flexibility and variability. In addition to different PCR versions, users can individually select their primer and polymerase. DNA or RNA serves as the starting material for the PCR. Here as well, there are many different options for isolating the DNA/RNA from the available samples. Precise planning of testing, clean DNA/RNA isolation and the right preparation, as well as using a master mix kit, are indispensable and a prerequisite for a successful PCR. In addition to cleanliness and the high level of quality of the materials being used, proper handling of the materials plays a role in accomplishing this. The PRC reagents used are expensive, and therefore must always be stored properly and protected while work is being carried out. BRAND offers a wide variety of PCR-suitable microcentrifuge tubes with a cleanliness suitable for reliable, fast sample preparation. Cleanroom production and strict quality controls ensure appropriate security and reliability.

Oliver Jenner

Oliver Jenner

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