BRAND Seal-R-film™

For easy and efficient sealing, masking, and insulating.

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All-purpose solution for sealing in the laboratory

No more spilling, evaporation, and contamination of your precious laboratory samples!

BRAND Seal-R-film™ – a laboratory film is used for covering or sealing vessels such as flasks, cuvettes, test tubes, beakers, Petri dishes, and more.

Test our new sealing film Seal-R-film™

BRAND Seal-R-Film™ – Laboratory sealing film, is a laboratory tape used as safe protection in Research & pharmaceutical industry, chemical laboratories, and healthcare for various uses.

  • Semi-transparent
  • Thermoplastics Flexible
  • Moisture resistant

Promotional flyer for Brand Seal-R-film™

The stretchable film is easy to handle, as it only adheres once it has been stretched. Otherwise, it adheres neither to itself nor to gloves. The film’s resistance to a large number of chemicals makes it fit for universal use in the laboratory. Read more about it this product flyer

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